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Manicure kit of 7 tools under Rs. 250

We all know that how much care our nails need. We style them with various nail polishes, but do we really groom them from time to time? Ask yourself this question. Well, a manicure kit consists of total 7 items, which are as follows:

  • Nail Cutter- To trim hard and thick toenails & fingernails.
  • Scissor- To cut stubborn cuticles and eyebrow leveling.
  • Nail Cleaning Knife- To clean all the dirt in the nails.
  • Nail Pusher- To push back & loosen your nails.
  • Nail Clipper- To trim your fingernails.
  • Dead Skin Fork- To trim surface hangnail, callus, and dead skin.
  • Nail File- To make nails rounded and smooth.
All these tools or you can say this entire manicure set is very beneficial to completely take care & groom your nails regularly. You really don’t need to waste a single rupee in salon for manicure & pedicure. Everything can be done at home. Achieve salon like groomed nails at home itself. This manicure set is perfect for all types of nails and trims, including men, women, girls, boys, seniors, and babies. The quality of each tool is of extreme good quality & you can

rely on it. The USP of this manicure set is that IT IS HANDY!! Yes, you heard it absolutely right. You can literally carry it in your bags, handbag or even in your pocket! Isn’t that an amazing factor of a handy manicure set. So, if you also want your nails to be groomed on the go, visit Beromt’s site & get yourself a handy manicure set.

PS.: Trust us, you’ll really love the product & recommend it to others.

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