• FAQs About False Nails

    FAQs About False Nails
    False nails are one of the most popular these days in the beauty industry. You can treat yourself to a wide variety of styles, designs, shapes & patterns & give yourself an at-home treatment. Your nails are a way to add a little personality to your look, whether it’s wearing your favorite color or choosing a design that speaks to your aesthetic. False nails are very easy than your traditional manicure. We’re running you through everything you need to know about false nails, this is your FAQ Guide, What are False Nails? If you’ve ever taken...
  • Your Go-to Nail Care Routine at Night

    Your Go-to Nail Care Routine at Night
    It seems way too good to be true, but you can actually help your nails grow while you sleep. Let's face it. There are people in this world who do nothing special to their hands at all and have these naturally long, strong nails that grow like weeds and rarely break. And then there are the rest of us — the beautiful unicorns who are too clumsy to prevent breaks, too nervous to stop biting and too obsessed with nail art to prevent splitting and peeling. We need extra help to get our nails to look healthy...
  • 10 Magical Foods for Healthy & Strong Nails

    10 Magical Foods for Healthy & Strong Nails
    What you put in your grocery cart is the first step toward maintaining healthy nails….. You don't need a professional to get the glamorous nails you want. Although the strength of your nails is largely hereditary, the food you eat (or don't get enough of) can affect the status of your fingernails just as much as a fancy spa or mani-pedi treatment can. Nails are made of a fibrous protein called keratin that—when fed the right ingredients—will naturally grow stronger and healthier over time.  Check out the list below for foods that will give you a healthy makeover...
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