• Lip care- What and How?

    Lip care- What and How?
    Dry lips again? We get it, friend. We all have that day where we are sitting by our window looking at the billboard outside, trying to get the most amazing lips portrayed by that model on that big screen.
  • How To Stop Biting Nails – Quickly & For Good

    How To Stop Biting Nails – Quickly & For Good
    Nail-biting may be something that you did as a child. Fortunately, by this time, this habit, behaviour, disorder, mannerism, or whatever you may call it is something that you no longer do.
  • How to Apply Nail Stickers

    How to Apply Nail Stickers
    These days, it seems like everyone is opting for DIY nails. From press-on nails to traditional manicures, the possibilities are endless. However, if you’re looking for an alternative that pairs down your manicure routine, nail stickers should be on your radar. Nail art stickers are perfect for those who just can’t find the time to sit in a salon chair. Thanks to this buzzy beauty trend, you can give your nails a professional touch with fancy nail art designs and patterns right in the comfort of your home. Since nail stickers come with their own rulebook, it’s important for you to go through...
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