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Beromt Nail Polish Thinner-


Over time, nail polish can get thick and stringy.  This is due to the evaporation of Butyl Acetate and Ethyl Acetate, two of the main ingredients in all nail polishes that help the polish to dry on your nails. To restore thick polish, use our Beromt Nail Polish Thinner, Restoration Drops. 

This solvent-based product is used to rectify your dry and thickened nail polish. Easy and ready for use. Suitable for both professional, salon and home use.

All nail polish formulations may thicken near the bottom of the bottle due to the normal evaporation of solvents. Beromt Nail Polish Thinner is specially formulated to refresh and replace these essential solvents.

With Beromt Nail Polish Thinner, you never have to waste a drop.

  • Replaces evaporated solvents
  • Extends polish use
  • Rescues thickened polish for easy use
  • Cruelty-Free, DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate), and Toluene FREE
  • Made in India


  1. Brand name- Beromt
  2. Product name- Nail Polish Thinner
  3. Product code- BNPT01
  4. MRP- ₹199/-
  5. Expiry- 09/2025
  6. Quantity- 40ml / 1.35FL 0Ze

How To Use?

  1. Just add a few drops of nail polish thinner and roll the bottle in your palms to distribute it.
  2. For slightly thickened polish, start with 2-3 drops, shake, then check the consistency. Repeat until you are happy with the result.
  3. For dried out or severely thickened polish, we suggest that you fill the bottle with thinner to the fill line, let it sit overnight, and then shake in the morning.  You may need to use a toothpick or paperclip to stir, allowing the thinner to reach the bottom of the bottle. 
  4. As always, we highly suggest cleaning the necks of the polish bottles after use to allow a good seal. This will reduce polish evaporation in the long run.
  5. To prevent evaporation of the thinner, store with the regular top.

Please note- Glitter polishes are generally thicker than cream polishes. The use of too much thinner can reduce the suspension properties of glitter polishes. Always start with 2-3 drops and only use what is needed to restore polish to its original consistency.



Key features-

  • Specially formulated to restore polish to its correct consistency
  • It thins thickened polish without changing your polishes formula
  • Makes it easier to apply nail polish in thin coats
  • Thin-out Hardened Nail Polish: Beromt Nail Polish Thinner does it all in restoring nail polish liquidity for long-lasting nail polish coats that are smoother than ever! Apply it without smudges or dreadful heavy coats!
  • Restore Polish To Its Original Consistency: Revive your old nail polish now and make it good as new! This polish thinner replaces solvents lost through evaporation while still keeping the nail polish colour composition intact.
  • Versatile Nail Polish Thinner: From gel, acrylic nail polish to regular nail polish, get a smooth application with perfect polish effects with Beromt Nail Polish Thinner! This can be used for cleaning brushes, too! A must-have in every nail lover’s mani-pedi stash!
  • Easy To Use Nail Polish Thinner: Comes with a convenient eye-dropper! Just add a few drops to your goopy nail polish to retain its consistency. No more throwing away half-empty expensive nail polish bottles when they get too thick. Make the most of your polish so never have to waste a single drop!
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