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Common lipstick mistakes you must avoid.

A good lipstick can turn your look from simple to gorgeous, but proper application demands a little more finesse. Most women prefer applying lipstick as a part of their usual makeup routine. And for those women who apply lipstick every single day, it is important to get the right shade and to get the technique right.  Applying lipstick is quite an easy process. It highlights your lips and changes the way you look overall. One good shade of lipstick, kajal and hair left open- you look gorgeous.  However, are you really sure that you are applying lipstick correctly? Have you been in situations where people have told you got lipstick stain on your teeth or your lipstick has faded? If yes, here are 5 common lipstick mistakes you must avoid.

  • Not using a lip liner: Most women underestimate the magic of a lip liner. Lip liner not only helps to designate the area in which you'll be applying lipstick, but it also helps to ensure your lipstick doesn't bleed and has a longer-wear finish

  • Mind your teeth: There are high chances that you might end up applying lipstick on your lips & somehow the lipstick is also on your teeth. So carefully apply lipstick.

  • Chapped Lips: If your lips are dry or chapped, do not apply lipstick as it wont really suit your look. So, nourish your lips & then apply a desired lipstick.

  • Choosing the right shade: It is important for any woman to choose the right shade of lipstick according to the occasion, outfit & environment.

  • Applying the correct amount of stroke: It’s really not necessary to apply many strokes of lipstick. Just one simple stroke is enough.

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