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Fairy Dust is a beautiful magical holographic topper that will without a doubt put a smile on your face. Fairy Dust’s color range effortlessly shifts through vivid hues of green, blue, purple, and pink at every angle in just about any type of lighting situation.

Tinsel Town is a striking metallic silver flakie topper! Sitting in a clear glossy base, Tinsel Town is glistening with reflective silver flakes varying in size. Garnish any base color of your choice with Tinsel Town for versatile twinkle to any manicure!

Garden of Flakes is a stunningly gorgeous holographic topper that will add a vividly unique twist to any polish in your collection! The primary color range of Garden of Flakes travels through an ultra-vivid pink to an incredibly bright green & blue. It is happiness in a bottle and extra unique!

Peacock Feather is a stunningly gorgeous topper that will add a vividly unique twist to any polish in your collection! It is a wonderfully fresh topper nail polish that primarily shifts through a vibrant grass green, golden yellow, and cool blue. You might even catch other colors depending on the lighting!

Pro Tip-

Try layering a Topper Nail Polish over your regular nail polish to unlock extra magical possibilities! Finish off with Stay Glossy! or Plump My Nail Top Coat to achieve that glossy finish and make your mani last longer without chipping. A top coat will help seal in and smooth out the glitter texture!

How to Apply? –

  1. For best results, clean nails thoroughly of natural oils and apply one coat of Beromt Smoothing Base to prepare your nails.
  2. Apply 1or2 coats of any Beromt Nail Polish. Let it dry!
  3. Then apply Beromt Topper on your nails with a brush or you can sponge it on your nails. Wrap under the tips of your nails to help prevent tip wear.
  4. Allow to air dry before applying the topcoat.
  5. Finish with one coat of Beromt Stay Glossy! or Matte Nail or Plump My Nail Topcoat for a perfect finish.


Key features-

  • Iridescent colour-shifting nail polish toppers packed with translucent fine flakie glitter. It is predominantly multi color. The final color effect changes depending on the base polish color worn underneath.
  • The multi-color glitter in this polish is very fine and it goes on effortlessly and lays very flat. The nail polish comes off very easily when removed with polish remover.
  • Maximum Coverage in 2 coats and for opacity you need to sponge on. Suitable for professional salon beauty shop and at home personal use. No need to cure nail polish in UV or LED light. Normal Nail polish application with air dry.
  • All Beromt Nail Polishes come with a round cut brush which is great for a full-proof, perfect manicure shape around the cuticles without too much effort. This brush allows quick application.
  • All Beromt Nail Polishes contain 2 stainless steel agitator balls that move up and down as well as latterly through the fluid and ensure that the nail polish is thoroughly mixed.
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