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NOTE: You will receive this similar shade of nailpolish bottle(according to your current weather) other images are reference graphic images to explain effect and color shifts.


The sea daughter has spoken and she will change the Temperature of your Nail Polish according to her mood! Moana being a short and tempered princess, her mood changes drastically. She has her mood swings and she’s gonna swing your nail color from astounding mahogany to blonde regardless you want it or no. 

How do thermal polishes work?

Temperature change nail polish change its color due to this chemical which is leuco dyes.

Leuco dye is made of 3 ingredients

  1. Dye – This is a colored chemical which can undergo a reversible reaction, combining with a H+ion to become colorless.
  2. Weak acid– This is a colorless chemical, which can also undergo a reversible reaction, combining with the H+ ion.
  3. 3. Base Nail polish – When the Nail polish is in cold temperature, the H+prefers to stick to the weak acid due to that nail polish color changes to dark, whereas when the nail polish is in hot temperature, the H+prefers to stick to the dye due to that the nail polish changes to colorless/different color

Temperature Change Nail Polishes also known as thermal polishes will give a multiple color changing experience to those with long nails, but even short nails will see changes while holding an iced coffee, sipping a warm tea or while washing your hands. You’ll always be in the mood to slay with these color-changing nail polishes. An enticing charmer which will lure you into wearing it right away. The jaw-dropping change of color is acquired by the changing body temperature.  

Key Features:

  • Get effortless Ombre effect by this beautiful temperature change polishes which are absolutely long-lasting and 5 free formula.
  • One-step color and shine formula dries in about a minute so you can grab, apply and dry on the fly.
  • Maximum Coverage and Opaque in 3 coats. Suitable for professional salon beauty shop and at home personal use. No need to cure nail polish in UV or LED light. Normal Nail polish application with air dry.
  • All Beromt Nail Polishes come with a round cut brush which is great for a full-proof, perfect manicure shape around the cuticles without too much effort. This brush allows quick application.
  • All Beromt Nail Polishes contain 2 stainless steel agitator balls that move up and down as well as latterly through the fluid and ensure that the nail polish is thoroughly mixed.

How To Achieve Temperature Change Nailpolish Effect

- Apply 3-4 coats of Nailpolish

- Apply Top coat and let it dry

- Take 1 bowl of warm water and another with cold water

- When you will dip your hand in cold water you can see dark color effect and when you dip your hand in warm water you can see light color effect

- This nailpolish can naturally show ombre effect while bathing, cooking, workout etc

Product Specifications:

  1. Brand Name: Beromt
  2. Product Name: Beromt Temperature Change Nail PolishMoana- BNP711
  3. Product SKU: BNP711
  4. Shade: Dark Brown to Brick Red
  5. MRP:  ₹299 /-
  6. SP: ₹149/-
  7. Expiry: 09/2025
  8. Quantity: 8ml

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