Solid Twist Extra Saving Deals- BNP 6666

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Solid Twist Extra Saving Deals- BNP 6666

Solid Twist Extra Saving Deals- BNP 6666

₹1,699.00 ₹1,299.00

Solid Twist Extra Saving Deals- BNP 6666

₹1,699.00 ₹1,299.00

Introducing our Solid Nail Polish Combo: Elevate your nail game with this exquisite collection of nail lacquers that redefine the concept of vibrant and flawless color. This combo features a carefully curated selection of nail polishes, each boasting an impressive level of opacity and richness in color.

Product Details: BNP7001, BNP7002, BNP7003, BNP7004, BNP7005, BNP7006, BNP7011, BNP7012, BNP7040, BNP7053, BNP7056, BNP7057

Pro Tip-

Detail the surrounding skin with a cuticle stick and polish remover if colour gets on the skin. Allow Topcoat to dry completely prior to applying cuticle oil to condition the cuticles and nails.

How to Apply? –

  1. For best results, clean nails thoroughly of natural oils and apply one coat of Beromt Smoothing Base to prepare your nails.
  2. Apply 2 coats of your favourite Beromt Solid Twist Gel Finish Nail Polish on your nails. Wrap under the tips of your nails to help prevent tip wear.
  3. Allow to air dry before applying the topcoat.
  4. Finish with one coat of Beromt Stay Glossy! or Matte Nail or Plump My Nail Topcoat for a perfect finish.

Key features-

  • Simplified formula, superior results & maximum protection with minimum chipping, Highest shine & fast dry time
  • One-step color and shine formula dries in about a minute so you can grab, apply and dry on the fly.
  • Maximum Coverage and Opaque in 2 coats. Suitable for professional salon beauty shop and at home personal use. No need to cure nail polish in UV or LED light. Normal Nail polish application with air dry.
  • All Beromt Nail Polishes come with a round cut brush which is great for a full-proof, perfect manicure shape around the cuticles without too much effort. This brush allows quick application.
  • All Beromt Nail Polishes contain 2 stainless steel agitator balls that move up and down as well as latterly through the fluid and ensure that the nail polish is thoroughly mixed.

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