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Beromt Smoothing Base 101 Description- Smooth out uneven, dented, or ridged nails with this nourishing ridge-filler base coat. Apply one coat as your base and your manicure will appear smoother and even. Try wearing Beromt Smoothing Base alone for a conditioned nail look — like a sheer foundation for your nails! Beromt Stay Glossy! 102 Description- Shield your nails with a flash of Beromt Stay Glossy! Topcoat. The best 5-free quick-dry, high-shine glossy topcoat! Finish off your manicure with this topcoat for long-lasting shine. Beromt Matte Nail 103 Description- Take your manicure to a whole new dimension with a fashionable matte finish! Give a matte makeover to your favourite colour with Beromt Matte Nail Topcoat. Looks great over all darker and lighter shades of nail polishes.

  • Acts as a nail primer that fills in grooves in uneven nail plate. Self-levelling formula that also evens out nail discolouration and minimizes nail imperfections
  • Long-lasting glossy shine, non-yellowing, it does not cause nail polish shrinkage
  • Instant mattifying protective topcoat that magically neutralizes any gloss polish to a matte finish
  • All Beromt Nail Polishes come with a round cut brush which is great for a full-proof, perfect manicure shape around the cuticles without too much effort. This brush allows quick application
  • All Beromt Nail Polishes contain 2 stainless steel agitator balls that move up and down as well as latterly through the fluid and ensure that the nail polish is thoroughly mixed
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