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Beromt Glue Tabs

Looking for something quick & mess-free then you should get your hands on Beromt Nail Glue Tabs. As an alternative to using glue to apply press-on nails, you may want to try adhering them with sticky double-sided nail tabs instead.

How do they work? Made from a thick rubbery gel, they are shaped to fit most fingernails and toenails and our sets provide a variety of sizes to accommodate different users. Once you apply them to your nail, you simply press your artificial nail on top and hold for about five to 10 seconds. This application may be able to last for up to a week, depending on your lifestyle. Shop these sets from to add to your manicure kit. Beromt Nail Glue Tabs for artificial nails gives professional results.

Key Features-

  • Self-adhesive, helps you to decorate your nails more conveniently. Suitable for professional use or home use, fit for children, pregnant women. A perfect tool/gifts for women who love nail art!
  • Easy to remove, can make the false nail reusable, great for temporary nails/natural nails. Multiple application is possible.
  • These are environment friendly. Less wear and tear or allergic reaction as with glue.
  • High-quality jelly sticker, which is more viscous than the normal version, and it is not easy to fall off.
  • 1. pack OF 1 includes 1 Sheet Double Sided Nail Adhesive
  • 2. pack OF 10 includes 10 Sheets Double Sided Nail Adhesive
  • 3. pack OF 50  includes 50 Sheets Double Sided Nail Adhesive(24 tabs per sheet), 12 Different Sizes Tabs in each sheet, fit for each fingernail.

How To Use?

1.Clean nails with the mini file or the manicure stick.
2. Clean your nails surface with alcohol cotton.
3. Select the correct size adhesive sticker for each nail (make sure your nails are clean without oils)
4. Peel the tabs off, then apply nail glue stickers to acrylic nails.
5. Press on & hold for 5 seconds.

Tips to Remove-
1. Put your nails in warm water for 2 minutes and nail sticker can be removed easily.
2. Removes easily with acetone or use hairdryer on warm.
3. Do not remove it abruptly and it may cause harm to your nail surface.

Warning Tip-
1. Keep away from water within 3 hour and avoid keeping your hands in water too long.
2. Difference Between Glue and Sticker
--If you want the nail stay long-term, you'd better choose the nail glue or used 2 tabs for each nail and put them on at night before bed.
--If you want to bring less damage to your nails, the nail stickers would be better, you could peel off and press on the false nail any time.

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