matte top coat
matte top coat
matte top coat
matte top coat
matte top coat
matte top coat
matte top coat


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matte top coat


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Beromt Matte Nail 103

Shade Name: Matte Nail Top Coat


Take your manicure to a whole new dimension with a fashionable matte finish! Give a matte-makeover to your favourite colour with Beromt Matte Nail Topcoat. Looks great over all darker and lighter shades of nail polishes.


  1. Brand name- Beromt
  2. Product name- Stay Glossy!
  3. Expiry- 12/2025
  4. Quantity- 10 ml / 0.34 FL 0Ze

Key features-

  • Instant mattifying protective topcoat that magically neutralizes any gloss polish to a matte finish
  • Anti-chipping, protective film that resists chipping which gives Fast-drying matte transformation
  • Feels velvety and has a soft-touch effect, vegan, cruelty-free & 5-Free Formula
  • All Beromt Nail Polishes come with a round cut brush which is great for a full-proof, perfect manicure shape around the cuticles without too much effort. This brush allows quick application
  • All Beromt Nail Polishes contain 2 stainless steel agitator balls that move up and down as well as latterly through the fluid and ensure that the nail polish is thoroughly mixed


1. Clean, shape, and buff your nails.
2. Apply one coat of Beromt Smoothing Base and let it dry.

Apply Nail Polish:

1. Apply the first coat with one stroke down the center and one on each side.
2. Wrap under tips and let it dry.
3. Apply a second coat in the same manner.

Apply Matte Topcoat:

1. Let the nail polish dry completely.
2. Apply one coat of Beromt Matte Nail Topcoat, pulling it over the tips.

Dry Thoroughly:

Allow the topcoat to dry completely.

Enjoy Your Manicure:

Admire the durable, stylish, and matte finish.

1. What is a matte top coat nail polish?
A matte top coat nail polish is a clear finishing layer applied over nail polish to give a non-shiny, matte finish. It transforms glossy nail polish into a velvety, matte look.

2. What are the benefits of using a matte top coat?
Using a matte top coat seals and protects nail polish, prevents chipping, and provides a trendy, modern matte finish to your manicure.

3. How do I apply a matte top coat?
Apply a thin layer of matte top coat over dry nail polish. Allow it to dry completely to achieve a smooth, matte finish.

4. When should I apply a matte top coat?
Apply a matte top coat once your colored nail polish has dried completely. It serves as the final step in your manicure routine.

5. Does a matte top coat change the color of my nail polish?
No, a good quality matte top coat should not alter the color of your nail polish. It simply changes the finish from glossy to matte.
6. How long does a matte top coat take to dry?
Drying times can vary, but typically, matte top coats dry within 5-10 minutes. Avoid touching or exposing nails to anything that may cause smudging during this time.

7. Can I use a matte top coat with glossy nail polish?
Yes, applying a matte top coat over glossy nail polish will transform the shiny finish into a matte one, giving you a versatile option for different looks.

8. Will a matte top coat make my nails stronger?
While a matte top coat primarily enhances the finish and durability of your manicure, some formulas may contain ingredients that provide mild strengthening benefits. Look for specific nail treatments if strengthening is your primary concern.

9. How do I maintain my matte top coat manicure?
To prolong the matte finish, avoid applying oils or lotions directly to the nails, as these can add unwanted shine. Reapply the matte top coat every few days if needed to maintain the matte look.

10. Can I use a matte top coat over nail art designs?
Yes, a matte top coat is ideal for sealing and protecting intricate nail art designs. It helps preserve the design and adds a unique, matte finish for a professional look.

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