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Good things come in small packages and Beromt has got the best for you!!

Introducing the Beromt diva Super Stay Matte Mini Lipsticks COLLECTION, specially curated for you. this includes combination of nudes and darks for this wedding season. They are perfectly travel-sized, fitting seamlessly into your makeup pouch, making them the ideal companion for any occasio

Here's why you'll adore our lipsticks:

1. **Long-Lasting:** Our lipsticks are formulated to stay put for extended periods, ensuring your lip color remains vibrant from morning till night.

2. **Hydrating Formula:** We understand that matte lipsticks can sometimes lead to dry lips. That's why our formula incorporates moisturizing ingredients to keep your lips soft and hydrated, even with all-day wear.

3. **Smooth Application:** The creamy texture of our lipsticks guarantees a smooth and effortless application. No more tugging or uneven coverage.

4. **Highly Pigmented:** Prepare to be amazed by the intense pigmentation of our lipsticks. A single swipe is all you need for bold, beautiful color.

With Beromt Super Stay Matte Mini Lipsticks, you can confidently enjoy long-lasting, smooth, and intensely pigmented lip color without compromising on lip comfort. It's beauty and care bundled into one stunning package!

But we're not just passionate about beauty; we also care about animals. That's why we proudly declare that our lipsticks are cruelty-free. Feel fabulous knowing that no animals were harmed in the creation of our products.

Get ready to slay with the Beromt Super Stay Matte Mini Lipsticks. Compact, versatile, and cruelty-free – these minis are here to help you make a stylish and confident statement with your lips!

DIVA COLLECTION  Matte Minis Set includes the following 4 matte lipsticks-

BML 02 French Rose- A lip colour shade for the femme fatale in you. Matte and moisturising, this lipstick combines the look of a classic lip, with the benefit of incredible comfort.
BML12 Office Gossip- Office Gossip is like a whisper from ear to ear no one knows it until you’re a part of that gossip group, but doing gossip is so satisfying, isn’t it?? This Sand Brown shade makes your lips look gorgeous.
BML06 Late Night Party- From dancing the night out, to eating your favourite food to sipping on drinks or even sharing a kiss or two; do it all effortlessly in this Mocha Brown shade that boasts of a smudge-proof, transfer-proof and kiss-proof formula! Late Night Party lipstick is your new buddy!
BML08 My First Date- Feminine and charming, we bet you’ll carry off this shade like you two were soul mates. This Pale Purple lip color will make your First Date very memorable.

Key Features-

  • A high-coverage liquid lipstick in mini size that delivers a feather-light feel
  • The formula dries quickly to give you an opaque ultra-matte finish that doesn’t feel heavy on lips
  • Offers up to 16 hours of smudge-proof, transfer-proof and water-resistant wear
  • Enriched with natural ingredients & essential oils that help keep lips soft
  • Sleek, slim lipstick design with fuss-free smooth applicator brush that allows for easy and precise application. It is travel-friendly
  • Available in 16 bold shades that are rich in pigment and give an intense colour payoff in a single swipe
  • Cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian; safe to use

Create a unique shade by mixing and matching different shades and always use a lip brush when you do this.

Step 1: Exfoliate and Moisturize
Gently exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin and then apply a moisturizer to keep them hydrated.

Step 2: Apply Lip Balm
Apply a generous amount of lip balm and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Use a tissue paper or cotton ball to wipe off the excess balm before applying the lipstick.

Step 3: Define Your Lips
Use the lipstick wand facing upright to carefully outline your lips, ensuring a neat and defined edge.

Step 4: Fill In Your Lips
With the wand facing downward, fill in your lips starting from the Cupid’s Bow and moving outwards towards the corners. Make sure to cover the entire lip area for an even finish.

Step 5: Adjust Intensity
For a softer, more natural look, warm a small amount of the liquid lipstick on your fingers and gently dab it onto your lips for a subtle, flushed effect.

1. What shades are included in the Diva Collection Matte Minis set?
The set includes four shades: BML02 French Rose (Matte Rose), BML12 Office Gossip (Sand Brown), BML06 Late Night Party (Mocha Brown), and BML08 My First Date (Pale Purple).

2. How long do these lipsticks last?
Beromt Super Stay Matte Minis offer up to 16 hours of smudge-proof, transfer-proof, and water-resistant wear.

3. Are these lipsticks comfortable for all-day wear?
Yes, the lipsticks are formulated with moisturizing ingredients and essential oils to keep your lips soft and comfortable throughout the day.

4. What is the finish of these lipsticks?
The lipsticks provide an opaque ultra-matte finish that feels light on the lips.

5. Are these lipsticks cruelty-free?
Yes, Beromt Super Stay Matte Minis are cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian, ensuring no animals were harmed in their creation.

6. Are these lipsticks easy to apply?
Absolutely. The sleek, slim design and smooth applicator brush ensure a fuss-free and precise application.

7. Can these lipsticks fit into a makeup pouch for travel?
Yes, the mini size and travel-friendly design make them perfect for carrying in your makeup pouch or bag.

8. Are the lipsticks highly pigmented?
Yes, these lipsticks are rich in pigment, providing intense color payoff with just a single swipe.

9. Is the packaging suitable for gifting?
Yes, the lipsticks come in a stylish, matte-finish tin box, making them a perfect gift for girlfriends, sisters, or wives.

10. Can I mix and match these shades to create a unique color?
Yes, you can create a unique shade by mixing and matching different shades. It's recommended to use a lip brush when doing so for the best results.

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