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A water slide decal is a pattern or image, large or small, which is printed on a special paper. When it is put into water, a layer between the image and the backing paper dissolves, allowing the image or pattern to slide off, which can then be transferred to your nail (or any other surface).

We at Beromt have introduced new ways to beautify your nails in the form of nail water decals. These mainly function as nail art. You typically buy them in pre-cut sizes that cover your entire nail, or as decals or appliqués that add pattern and design to your existing nail look. ... The decals usually come on clear sheets that let you look at different placements on your nails before peeling them off.

Water Decals are a fun way to jazz up the nails without much effort. It works very well for someone with a busy schedule or for those of us who are not very good with drawing designs. These will take a few minutes to apply, yet the design will look like the painted art and feel smooth on the nail.

  • BEAUTIFUL NAIL WATER DECAL-GREAT VARIETY: different patterns, white pink flowers, hearts, butterflies. Designs are different sizes.
  • MIX, MATCH AND HARMONIZE - Plenty of designs to choose from. Our stickers are the wise choice for unique nail decor
  • VERY EASY TO USE - Literally takes 20 seconds per nail. No more complex painting!
  • LONG LASTING - These tattoos will last for weeks or as long as your polish stays on!

How To Remove?

  • Remove easily with acetone
  • Dip your fingertips in warm water and remove the water decals & stickers
  • Apply Petroleum Jelly on your cuticles and simply peel off

Key Features-

  • HIGH QUALITY NAIL ART STICKERS- 2 sheets multi-colour nail stickers are made of reliable and safe materials, non-toxic and odourless, waterproof and self-adhesive, can stay bright and maintain a beautiful look for more than 14 days or longer if it is used correctly according to the instructions.
  • FASHION NAIL DESIGNs- According to the newest popular elements, we pick the unique pattern designs for this nail sticker decal which could match your different outfits and make your nails look exquisite and attractive. Also, designer nail decals are the Professional manicure nail decorations for various nails, including gel nail, acrylic nail, natural nail, false nail, nail tip, toenails.
  • PERFECT DIY MANICURE GIFT- This Nail Art Supplies is the ideal gift for your female friends, your mom, your wife, your girl which can make them happy by creating diverse DIY nail art designs. What's more, let women know how beautiful and confident they could be in life. This set of nail stickers is suitable for daily wear and special occasions such as birthday parties, Valentine's dating, weddings, parties, etc.
  • EASY OPERATION- Follow the instructions to decorate your nails with detailed steps. Just peel off them if you want to remove them.

DISCLAIMER: Above images are reference images you may get similar different designs according to the availability.

Step 1: Clean Your Nails
Purpose: Ensure a smooth surface for the decals.
Method: Clean your nails thoroughly and dry them completely.

Step 2: Prepare the Decal
Purpose: Get the decal ready for application.
Method: Remove the protective film from the product.

Step 3: Cut and Soak the Decal
Purpose: Activate the adhesive properties.
Method: Cut out the desired pattern and dip it into water for 10-20 seconds.

Step 4: Apply the Decal
Purpose: Position the decal correctly on the nail.
Method: Moisten the fingernail. Using tweezers, gently slide the sticker onto the nail surface face up and press firmly.

Step 5: Seal the Decal
Purpose: Protect the decal and ensure longevity.
Method: Apply a topcoat or a layer of transparent nail polish to protect the sticker and give a professional finish.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Manicure
Purpose: Flaunt your new look.
Method: Show off your beautifully decorated nails.

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