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acrylic nails


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acrylic nails


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Beromt has entered nail tips a year ago. We have state of the art facility which can upgrade and transform artificial nails according to the needs of buyers. We have fake nails of different types and lengths (square, stiletto, coffin, ballerina, French) (short, medium, long, xl long, extra-long)

What makes our acrylic nails unique?
  • High-end Quality
  • Exquisite Packaging
  • Independent Brand
  • Satisfactory Service

Why do we love what we do?

We want to see all women have attractive nail tips from Beromt. Women who like their own DIY can find the best false nails here. We make the process of nail painting & nail art for everyone; this can be done easily & quickly from the comfort of their homes. 

About this item-

10pcs natural white nails in 10 different sizes each nail numbered 0-9 individually, so they're convenient to choose the most suitable size that fits your every finger. You can choose from a variety of shapes like square, stiletto, coffin, ballerina, French. All nails are designed with natural white clear color and two optional lengths long & short. These designs will make your nails more elegant and charming. 

Beromt Acrylic Nails are full cover artificial press on nails that are easy to trim, paint and apply and nice holding the color without separating or streaking. Pairing up paint and colorful decoration, your nails could be more natural. All nails are made from high quality ABS material, which is a kind of green friendly environmental material. It is- Non-toxic, Non-smelling, No harm to your nails or body and these nails durable & natural.

The best part is that these are great for both beginner & professional nail specialist or nail art learner, suitable for nail salons and DIY nail art at home, wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters, and excellent for Parties/Wedding/Office Wear/Costume ball/Halloween/Christmas/etc.

Key Features-

  • High-Quality Materials- Full cover nail tips mad with high-quality ABS materials, which are safe and environmentally friendly, and have no odor. These sturdy fake nails have perfect length and thickness, and if you think the length of the nails is too long for you, you can trim it
  • Numbered Nail Tips- Beromt acrylic nail tips are numbered. This will make it easy for you to do sizing and application of nail tips.
  • Strong and Durable- False nails tip have thickness, very strong, not easy to bend, suitable for nails, easy to shape, smooth and even surface, can be applied quickly and evenly without separation or streaks. As long as your adhesive is good enough, it can last 3 weeks
  • Practical Application- The full cover false nails are perfect for nail art professionals or nail art lovers, as well as great for various occasions, such as prom, wedding and dating. They are also a best choice for gifts to your family and friends. They offer wonderful opportunity for you to flaunt your best nail art designs on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day.
  • Unique Box Packaging- Beromt acrylic false nails come in a box/blister tray. The small and sturdy box is easy to carry, restore and protects the nails from damage.

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Prepare the Natural Nails:
Use a manicure stick to gently push back the cuticles and file the sides of your natural nails to ensure a smooth and accurate fit for the acrylic nails.

Clean Nails:
Remove any existing nail polish and oils from your natural nails using an acetone-based polish remover. This step helps in creating a clean surface for better adhesion.

Select Nail Sizes:
Choose the correct size of acrylic nails for each of your fingers. Match them carefully to ensure a proper fit and comfortable wear.

Apply Nail Glue:
Apply a small amount of nail glue to the inside of the acrylic nail and spread it evenly.

Apply Glue to Natural Nails:
Apply a thin layer of nail glue onto your natural nails. Ensure it covers the entire nail bed evenly.

Attach Acrylic Nails:
Starting from the cuticle area, gently press the acrylic nail onto your natural nail and hold it in place for about 5 seconds. This allows the glue to set and bond effectively.

File and Shape:
Once all acrylic nails are applied, use a nail file to shape and refine the edges to your desired length and shape. This step ensures a neat and uniform appearance.

Apply Nail Polish or Decorations:
After shaping, apply your favorite nail polish color, or get creative with nail art designs or decorations. Ensure the acrylic nails are completely dry and secure before proceeding with additional nail treatments.

1. What is acrylic nails white nail polish?

Acrylic nails white nail polish is a specialized formula designed to create a smooth, opaque white finish specifically for acrylic nails.

2. How is acrylic nails white different from regular nail polish?

Acrylic nails white polish is formulated to adhere well to acrylic surfaces, providing a durable and long-lasting white color without yellowing or chipping.

3. How do I apply acrylic nails white nail polish?

Start with clean, dry acrylic nails. Apply a base coat if desired, then apply the acrylic nails white polish in thin, even layers. Allow each layer to dry before applying the next for best results.

4. How long does acrylic nails white nail polish last?

When applied correctly and sealed with a top coat, acrylic nails white polish can last up to two weeks without significant chipping or fading.

5. Can acrylic nails white nail polish be used on natural nails?

While it's specifically formulated for acrylic nails, it can also be used on natural nails. However, results may vary, and using a base coat is recommended to prevent staining.

6. How should I store acrylic nails white nail polish?

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use to prevent evaporation and maintain the quality of the polish.

7. Is acrylic nails white nail polish cruelty-free and vegan?

Our acrylic nails white nail polish is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. We do not test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients in our products.

8. How can I remove acrylic nails white nail polish?

Use an acetone-based nail polish remover for best results. Soak a cotton ball or pad with remover, place it on the nail, wrap it in foil or use a remover clip, and let it sit for a few minutes. Gently wipe off the polish and repeat if necessary.

9. Can I mix acrylic nails white polish with other colors?

Yes, you can mix acrylic nails white polish with other nail polish colors to create custom shades. Experiment on a palette or a spare surface before applying to nails.

10. Are there any tips for achieving the best results with acrylic nails white nail polish?

Make sure nails are clean and dry before application. Apply thin layers and allow each layer to dry completely before applying the next. Use a quality top coat to seal and protect the polish for extended wear.

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