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Beromt Glass Nail File

(Kindly note the color of the glass nail filer cannot be customized nor selected as per personal choice, we will send 1piece of any random color)

If you happen to be one of those women who are in a love-hate relationship with their emery board, this will definitely tickle your interest: Beromt Nail Glass files are the answer to all your problems related to nail filing. All that sawing, nail peeling and mess will be just a bad memory if you make the glass file a staple of your beauty bag.

This elegant compact nail filer is easy to use store and clean. Designed with one side pointed end to reach tricky areas without any nail splitting. Beromt Nail Glass Filer is a perfect choice since it is double sided and good for toe and fingernails. It is made of extra hard processed glass material that won't easily break or wear down. Glass nail grits lets you accomplish the job more quickly and effectively. Glass files are much more suitable, sealing the keratin layers together at the edge of the nails and minimizing chipping. Glass files hardly wear off. They stay etched for an insane amount of time; unlike all the emery boards you have been using so far. These innovative glass files are extremely easy to clean.


Key Features-

  • Beromt Nail Glass File has a finer grit than the emery boards for a gentle filing for delicate nails.
  • It is long-lasting and reusable, can be cleaned with water after use.
  • Our Glass Shapers undergo extra hardening during production ensures long term performance and makes it more difficult to break compared to other files.
  • The glass surface is tempered to ensure the file is wear-resistant & retains the integrity of the filing surface after multiple uses.
  • Pointed end design provide you a comfortable nail doing experience and provide immediate results.


How To Use?

  1. Cut your nails before you begin.
  2. Hold the file parallel to the side of the nail.
  3. File by moving from the side of the nail to the center.
  4. Hold the file flat against the nail tip.
  5. Finish filing by holding the file parallel to the other side of the nail.
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