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Beromt Zodiac Pearl Pigment Taurus- BFP804PP

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The taurus is very tasteful and makes friends easily, hence it sure wants to be friends with you and will just drive you crazy with its charming glow of pearl. It is something that not just highlights your features but also makes them look luxurious and royal that you are.


A glistening pigment to highlight your twinkling eyes and add sparkle into your makeup kit. Beromt Zodiac Pearl Collection is here to endear you into the world of pearls with a tinge of astrology to upgrade your pigment collection. This collection is thoughtfully curated to create limitless eye-looks. Every shade is so intense that it takes just one stroke to complete the look you are creating.


A magnificent and luxury collection to match the vibe you’ve got. Just like the boss you are these lavish pigments will take your makeup looks to a whole another level of ravishing beauty that will entice anyone to an unimaginable level.


How to Apply?


 Eye Shadow-

  • Apply pigment directly on your eye lids to get shimmery effect.
  • For a glamours look, apply pigment directly on base eye shadow to enhance the shade of pigment.
  • For iconic eyeliner look, you can directly mix this pigment in dura line, make a thick paste and with use of fine brush apply it on your eyes.



On Nails-

  • Prepare your nails with gel base coat and cure it under UV / LED lamp.
  • Use an eyeshadow stick or silicone brush to pick the powder and rub it onto your nails.
  • Apply no wipe top coat, cure it under LED/UV lamp and you are set to go.


Product specifications:

  1. Brand: Beromt
  2. Product Name: Beromt Zodiac Pearl Pigment Tauruss- BFP801PP
  3. Product SKU: BFP804PP
  4. Shade: Baby Pink
  5. MRP: 199/-

SP: 149/-

  1. Expiry: 11/2024
  2. Quantity: 2gms









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    Beromt Zodiac Pearl Pigment Taurus- BFP804PP
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