Why should we prefer false nails over nail extensions?

Why should we prefer false nails over nail extensions?

Acrylic nails and gel nail extensions are two popular forms of extensions.

It's very important to know a major difference between gel extensions and acrylic nails i.e false nails.

Although they are not the same, they have some kind of similarities. Acrylic nails are made in two steps using liquid and powder, which dries by air. Hard gel or structural gel is used for gel extensions, which are then cured under a UV or LED light.

False nails are stronger and more durable. They can be reused several times i.e. the more you keep them safe the more you can use. Beromt has 2000+ variety of falsenails starting for just rs99/-

Whereas in case of gel extensions its just one time use, you have to sit in salon for hours and get your gel extensions done and it'll be removed within 25-30 days.

Falsenails are more resonable then gel extensions as beromt have nails starting from rupees 99 and for gel extensions you have to spend 1000s of rupees.

Falsenails cause no harm to your original nails as they are made up of acrylic material and they are temperory on your nails.

Whereas gel extensions are done by UV light to set light-cured gel nails and it can harm your nail bed.

You can change your falsenails with changing dresses with matching colors according to your look while if you do gel extensions only one look will take over your whole month so there's lack of variety when it comes to gel extensions.

You get more flexibility when you wear falsenails, you can remove whenever you want, it can be worn for hours to 10-12 days depending on your requirement.

In general, gel nails applied without a primer leave no hard impressions. Overuse and incorrect application of primer can cause damage to the nail bed and leave an impression on the nails. Prolonged exposure to water may result in fungal infection.

What ever you like it adds on a glam to your hand. Flaunting your nails is a new trend now-a-days.

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