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  • Trendy Magnetic Cat Eye Nailpolish

    Trendy Magnetic Cat Eye Nailpolish
    Ever heard of Cat Eye Nailpolish? If not, Beromt got you covered with its mesmerizing Magnetic Cat Eye Nailpolish Range. Cats are loved by everyone for their cuteness and their eyes. The mystical appearance of a cat eye is what makes it so strikingly appealing. This beauty trend will surely take you down memory lane thanks to science. The cat-eye look can be created with the metallic pigments in the nail polish and a magnet. Cats have the most appealing eyes and that is converted into mesmerizing nail polish that gives cat eye sclinting effect. You...
  • What Does Your Nail Shape Speak About You?

    What Does Your Nail Shape Speak About You?
    Many of us believe in astrology and of course, it's fun to know more about ourselves. We have come up with what your nail shape speaks about you.Beromt has a 2000+ variety of nail shapes and each shape says much more about your personality.1) SQUARE Having this type of nail is very rare. Whoever has squarish nail are very brave. These people are very subtle and have the quality that will help in being more focused in life. They are perfect at playing the role of a leader where ever they go. The best tip for...

    Lipstick- one of the most important thing in a girl’s life and also the most indispensable part of your makeup routine. Lipstick has the ability to completely transform your look around in so many ways. When it comes to lipsticks, we have two types of lipstick 1) Liquid Lipstick 2) Crayon Lipstick   Beromt has the lipstick starting from Rs99/- only. In Liquid lipstick we have two types of lipstick one is mini lipstick and another is 12hr lipstick. Mini lipstick comes in 4 combos office, date, casual, party & 12hr lipstick has 12 shades. And...
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