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    We lived in the trend where Red's were classy, no doubt still they do. Red's look stylish, it looked bold and whatnot. But we have to agree that trend turned to nude lip shades. All love for nude shades, Yess the shades like pastel pink, beige, pastel browns, and many more.Finding the right shade is like finding your best friend. While various lipstick trends often come and go, there is something about Nude Lipsticks that makes them absolutely timeless. Nude lipstick has one of those shades that simply go well with every attire and suit every...
  • Why should we prefer false nails over nail extensions?

    Why should we prefer false nails over nail extensions?
    Acrylic nails and gel nail extensions are two popular forms of extensions. It's very important to know a major difference between gel extensions and acrylic nails i.e false nails.Although they are not the same, they have some kind of similarities. Acrylic nails are made in two steps using liquid and powder, which dries by air. Hard gel or structural gel is used for gel extensions, which are then cured under a UV or LED light. False nails are stronger and more durable. They can be reused several times i.e. the more you keep them safe the...
  • Trendy Magnetic Cat Eye Nailpolish

    Trendy Magnetic Cat Eye Nailpolish
    Ever heard of Cat Eye Nailpolish? If not, Beromt got you covered with its mesmerizing Magnetic Cat Eye Nailpolish Range. Cats are loved by everyone for their cuteness and their eyes. The mystical appearance of a cat eye is what makes it so strikingly appealing. This beauty trend will surely take you down memory lane thanks to science. The cat-eye look can be created with the metallic pigments in the nail polish and a magnet. Cats have the most appealing eyes and that is converted into mesmerizing nail polish that gives cat eye sclinting effect. You...
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