Lip care- What and How?

Dry lips again? 

We get it, friend. We all have that day where we are sitting by our window looking at the billboard outside, trying to get the most amazing lips portrayed by that model on that big screen. But we forget chap stick or our lipstick alone isn’t going to make that happen.

But don’t you worry your pretty little head. We got you!

The first step to any natural lip care routine is to know why your lips are dry in the first place. And there are loads of things that will dry out your lips.


Dry, chapped lips are a common sign of dehydration. Solve this problem by drinking more water, eating more watery fruits, and limiting that caffeine intake.

Sun exposure

Small amounts of sun exposure can cause big issues. Protecting your lips by covering up with a scarf or face mask when going outside could be helpful. Use a humidifier if you work or live in a dry building.


Licking Lips

It’s really hard to resist that when your lips are dry, isn’t it? But every time you lick, you put saliva into your skin. The chemicals in your saliva help break down food for digestion. So, by nature, they also break down the skin around your lips. It’s time to stop all the lip licking. You may want to take a sip of water every time you feel the urge to lick instead.

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Your Diet

Some citrus and salty foods irritate your lips. Add a moderate amount of coconut oil, walnuts, or other nutrient-dense fats to your meals.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Low amounts of iron, zinc, or B vitamins can also be a solid reason for the demise of your lips. Increase your servings of fruits and vegetables every day to ensure your body has what it needs. Also, consider adding a multivitamin as well.


Easons for dry Lips

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when your lips dry out? Lip balm, of course!

But as it turns out, conventional lip products are often filled with ingredients that can make your lips worse, not better. Check out the ramifications of your favourite products-


All that good Vaseline is derived from the same stuff you put in your car. The manufacturing process used to refine this ingredient causes potentially toxic results. Google Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and see for yourself.


Parabens really mess with your endocrine system. It would do you real good staying away from them. They’re also common in conventional lip balms, so be alert and check for them in the ingredients.

Chemical sunscreens

Chemical sunscreens are always there in lip balms with SPF. They are known for causing allergic reactions, so avoid any balms with oxybenzone and homosalate.

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What can I do better?

Lots of things! First, you can do something to soothe and moisturize dry lips. Look for products with great ingredients. For example-


Sugar has a gentle and natural way to slough dead skin cells from your lips. This type of exfoliation will help keep your lips soft and bubbly. With sugar, you also don’t have to worry about its environmental impact #completelysafe


Beeswax naturally forms a barrier on the surface of your skin. This keeps moisture in and the elements out. It won’t cause irritation or clog your pores, but it will help relieve itching and discomfort. Oh, and it has a naturally sweet smell and taste, which is definitely something you want when you’re thinking about lip products.

Natural Extracts and oils

Natural extracts are the best alternative to artificial flavours. They make your lip products taste great; with some other benefits your lips will love. Look for the ones with antibacterial properties that support healing in chapped or cracked lips. Natural oils like coconut and jojoba deliver those gorgeous nutrients and healthy fats to your lips. This will help them stay naturally smooth and nourished. These oils also help treat dry skin, making it easier and faster to heal chapped lips.

 Do we still need a routine?

Yes, diva! Like so important. You can’t just go on putting stuff on your lips in a random fashion. You need a routine. Lucky for you we know a thing or two about this. Follow through darlings-

Remove all that Makeup

Rinse or wipe away any lipstick, gloss, or liner. This is an essential thing to do before you go to bed anyway, and very important for getting the most out of your lip care routine.

Exfoliate the Lips with an organic Scrub

Apply a small amount of scrub to your lips. Use a clean finger. Now gently massage your top and bottom lips. When you’re finished, rinse off any excess. Do this once or twice a week.

Apply Lip Balm

Choose an organic lip balm and put it on at least twice a day to moisturize and protect your lips. Of course, there’s no reason not to use it throughout the day as well!


Your lips don’t have those sebaceous oil glands that are found almost everywhere else on your skin. This really screws them when it comes to dryness and chapping, especially in cold, extremely hot, or windy weather. A regular lip care routine like mentioned above can help keep your lips soft and smooth.

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