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How To Make Nail Polish??

Just like house paint that you can merge to produce different and unique colors, you can develop your own unique nail polish by mixing different coloring pigments. This allows you to have at your disposal a wonderful line of nail gloss colors that you can wear on your nails for different events.
Why not make them as gifts for friends or loved ones, or even think about making your own brand of polishes to sell!

You will need the following when you make your nail polish:
• Nail topcoat or clear polish
• Mineral eyeshadows in any colors you like
• Glitter is optional
• Paper funnel

Now, here are the steps to making your nail polish:
1. Pour out a third or a fourth of the range of the nail top coat bottle. This will give you added room for the eyeshadow and/or the glitters you will flow in. By the way, some eyeshadows already come with glitters, so if the colors and the glitters from the eyeshadow already mix, it will save you the problem.
2. Improvise a funnel. You can simply get a piece of thick paper. You’ll need a different funnel for every color if you’re utilizing several shades.
3. Make the eyeshadow mix (with or without glitters). Use a knife to scrape the shadow out of the palette onto a plate, and then grind the shadow down as fine as you can. Grinding the eyeshadow thoroughly prevents it from stamping.
4. Push the powdered eyeshadow inside the nail topcoat container. If the eyeshadow gets stuck at the bottom of the funnel, you can push it with a toothpick. This can be tricky because you need to be quick enough to push the eyeshadow powder into the bottle to prevent the nail polish brush from drying out.
5. Now that you have everything in your mix, simply shake the nail polish receptacle as thoroughly as possible. This will control the nail polish from clumping. Make sure that you try out your mixture as well so that you can adjust the nail class contents.

Keep in mind that your DIY nail polish may not be excellent at first. It may take you several shots before you get your preferred color. But just like with anything in energy, there is an understanding curve! So go ahead and give it a go!
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