7 Common reasons why matte lipstick dries out your lips

1. It's in the ingredients.
Matte lipstick has more wax and pigment and less oil, which makes for a rich, opaque, product that is more serious in color and long-wearing. However, the loss of the added oils makes the texture of the lipstick drier and more likely to settle in the cracks and crevices of your lips.

2. Applying lipstick, the right way:
Surprise, surprise, there’s actually a right way to wear lipstick and sadly, it’s not what you’ve been doing. Experts suggest starting with your lowest lip as there will consistently be more product on the applicator wand when you pull it out and fixing mistakes on the lower lip is way easier.

3. Rubbing your lips:
If you are in a bad habit of always rubbing your lips, it will surely spoil the look of your runny lipstick. It can increase the drying procedure of your lips and your liquid lipstick will eventually look flaky, feathery, and streaky. Liquid lipsticks are prepared to dry up fast and are not required to be rubbed.
Some of us have dry lips if we don’t use lip balms and we will start to pinch our lips...Saliva disappears quickly, our lips become even drier after we lick them!

4. Biting your lips:
Many people sometimes bite their lips when they are anxious. This small action compels the lips sharper and may cause injury or rash. People with this unsettling habit may face pain, soreness, and redness on their lips. The place to reduce the chance of your fingers brushing the lips. There are more ‘invisible’ bacteria on your hands than you think!

5. Not removing lipstick before sleeping
It’s very important to remove the lipstick you used on your lips before going to bed - it can cause comprehensive damage to your lips during nighttime. The gaps between the lip lines can easily trap dirt and other residues. If you do not remove the stain properly, your lips may cause discoloration (e.g. darkened).

6. Choose the right lipstick
Another amazing tip to keep your lips from drying out when wearing matte lipstick is to simply wear matte lipsticks that won’t dry your lips out, duh! Most matte lipsticks are formulated with alcohol and little to no oil, causing your lips to dry out (that’s the real tea!). Our Beromt mini lippies won’t leave your lips feeling like the Sahara Desert – our lippies have ingredients that will even prevent water loss and ingredients that will soothe your pout! Sounds too good to be true?

7. Take a chill pill:
Occasionally the best way to stop matte lipstick from drying out your lips is to give your lips a lil’ break! Take this time to hydrate with your famous lip balms so your lips can come back to life with extra water to combat the dryness from those flat lipsticks. Make sure your balm is completely absorbed into your lips before applying your lipstick!
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