FAQs About False Nails

False nails are one of the most popular these days in the beauty industry. You can treat yourself to a wide variety of styles, designs, shapes & patterns & give yourself an at-home treatment. Your nails are a way to add a little personality to your look, whether it’s wearing your favorite color or choosing a design that speaks to your aesthetic. False nails are very easy than your traditional manicure. We’re running you through everything you need to know about false nails, this is your FAQ Guide,

What are False Nails?


party false nails


If you’ve ever taken a scroll through Instagram, you’ll have seen hundreds of celebrities and influencers showing off their fresh press ons. These nails add length and style, giving you an even shape that is perfect for being inventive and incorporating fun and whimsical designs. These nails give your instant length and strengthen your nails, allowing you to be inventive with their design and shape.

What are the benefits of the False Nails?

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One of the benefits of false nails is that their upkeep is minimal and they’re easy to care for. Unlike a normal manicure, you don’t have to worry about chipping, and your nails are less likely to break. While there are some steps you want to take to keep your nails healthy, the maintenance is still a lot lesser than traditional nail treatments. 

When to Wear False Nails?

party false nails

If you’re new to the world of false nails, you might be thinking of experimenting with them for a special occasion. These nails are the perfect investment before a vacation or when you have a big event on your social calendar. As they typically last for a few days, it’s a great opportunity to treat yourself before a special event. You won’t have to worry about your nails chipping or carrying an extra bottle of polish with you. 

How do I apply False Nails?

how to apply false nails  how to apply false nails


                               how to apply false nails

Direct application by choosing correct sizes and pressing on clean buffed oil-free natural nails.


On buffed clean nails, apply one sticky side of the glue tabs on your natural nails and peel of the top, now you can directly press on the false nails on the glue tab.


Apply One Or Two drops of glue to the back of the false nails and natural nails depending on the
required use.


*Starting at cuticle, press firmly and hold for about 10 seconds until dry. Once applied, can be filed to smooth edges or desired shape and fit for natural looking, durable, non-damaging
Average application time is 2-3 minutes.

 How long do the False Nails stay?

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You can wear your false nails as little as 4 hours or upto 10-15 days straight.
The strength of the hold doesn’t depend on the nails but the adhesive that is used and how well your nails are prepped.
The pre-glued nails for kids last for 4-6 hours. For regular non glued nails if you need to use for a longer period, you can use them with glue which holds on the nails for 10 days or more (depending on how much adhesive is used) and gluetabs which hold for 5-6 days.

Can I cut or repaint these false nails?

You can definitely cut or resize any nail set to your desired shape or length, but we do not advice using any nail paints unless mentioned that they are adaptive to nail paints.

Are False Nails reusable?

All nail products are re-usable multiple times when used with love and care.

Can I use False Nails for a longer period?

matte false nails

All false nails when used with glue can hold upto 10-15 days or more depending on the amount of adhesive used. It’s absolutely safe to use false nails for a longer period of time.

How do I know if the nails will fit my fingers?

Basic 12 pc nail set contains standard sizes which fit mostly all nails.

*if you have tiny or large nailbeds please opt for a 24 pc set or order 2 sets of the same 12 pc set.

24 pc nail set consists of 12 different sizes in pairs insuring they fit any nail sizes.


What does the Free Nail Kit include?

false nails kit      false nails kit


false nails kit   false nails

The free nail kit that comes along with every false nails set includes 1 glue tab sheet of 12 jelly glue transparent stickers, 1 cuticle stick, 1 nail filer & 1 alcohol swab (prep pad)

If you need glue bottle or extra glue tabs these are available on our website www.beromt.com that you can add to your order & purchase separately.


How do I remove my False Nails?

how to remove false nails

Dip your hands in luke warm water for 3-5 minutes and SLIDE OUT the nails gently ensuring the glue behind is intact and ready for re-application.

Dip your hands in luke warm water for a few minutes and gently separate from the sides.
Glue tabs peel off easily with no residue behind and the nails are ready to be re-applied.

Soak your hands in warm water for several minutes until soft, then carefully lift from the sides.
Once the nails are out, use buffer to buff off excess glue if needed or use aceton to clean.


*never force or pull nails off as this may damage your natural nails. Be patient with the removal method.


Please note- If you apply more glue for a longer wear, do not try to remove earlier as that will be a stronger bond and removal can damage your natural nail.


How do I remove my False Nails with Acetone?

Dip one end of the cuticle stick in Acetone and move this stick around the edges of the false nails in order to loosen the glue bond from your natural nails, then gently remove your false nails.


What kind of care is essential for natural nails?


glossy false nails


Once your nails are out of the acetone, take the cuticle pusher to remove any excess formula that is still on your nails. It’s also worth investing in a nail file to have in your general makeup bag to look after your nails. You can neaten up the edges and buff out any chips in your nail beds. As your nails will be a little brittle, you want to invest in a glass nail file, which will be gentler on the nail beds and prevent any damage.

Now that your nails are clean, you want to give them some care with a nail moisturizing cream. The cuticle oil is an essential part of your nail’s aftercare. You’ll want to keep this on hand to apply to your nails whenever you get an opportunity, but it’s also essential to add it after removing your nails.

Now it's time to quickly beauty up your nails anytime & anywhere, without any tools. You don't need to run to a nail salon every time that you have an occasion because Beromt Salon Finish Press On Nail Tips are the perfect pick for daily as well as occasional wear.

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