7 Step Guide for Naturally Beautiful Lips

As girls, almost all of us love wearing lip colors – be it vibrant and bright shades or nude and pastel hues. But no lipstick can create a perfect pout if your lips aren’t well cared for!

The skin on our lips is much thinner than the skin on the other parts of our body. This makes it easier for them to crack and chap and makes it much more important for us to take extra care of.

For once, you might miss out on any other routine… But when it comes to your lips, you should never slack off. You can’t stand having dry, cracked lips. That’s why we are sharing our best tips for getting beautiful, healthy and kissable lips, just in time for you!

1. Exfoliate- Remove dry, dead skin flakes by gently brushing your lips with a wet, soft toothbrush or washcloth. You can do this about once a week, usually on a weekend morning when you’re not planning on going outside right away since it makes your lips a little sensitive.

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2. Massage your Lips- You can use some nourishing oils to massage your lips for about 5 minutes every day. This improves the blood circulation in your lips and ensures that they get the nutrients that are needed.

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3. Hydrate- Unlike the rest of your skin, lips tend to dry out and become chapped easily since they do not contain oil glands. Drink lots of water to keep lips from drying out, and avoid licking your lips which also saps moisture (it might take some time to break the habit!).

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4. Follow Healthy Diet Plan- A good diet is essential not just for your skin but even for your lips. Vitamins and other nutrients reflect directly on the condition of your lips. It is essential that you stay on a healthy diet to have lovely lips!

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5. Protect and Moisturize- Lips receive a lot of sun exposure, particularly the bottom lip. That means they are a common spot for skin cancers. So it’s SUPER IMPORTANT that your daytime lip product includes an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen. And yes, you still need to protect your lips, and the rest of your skin, even if you are wearing a mask! At night you can switch to a moisturizing product to help combat night time dryness. Always keep a lip balm or a chap stick handy.

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6. Moisturizing Lipstick- If lipstick is part of your daily routine, it's important to know what you put on your lips. Look for moisturizing lipsticks with shea butter, oils or oil to prevent your lips from drying out due to lipstick. Also, there's nothing uglier than lipstick in lip cracks ... Tip: If your favorite lipstick dries your lips, apply a lip balm first, then gently wipe it off with a tissue paper and then apply lipstick as a base before applying it. If you are outdoors in the sun, apply one with a protective factor.

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7. Remove Makeup- Your lips need to be able to breathe by being clear. Make sure you remove all traces of makeup from your lips before you sleep. Use a damp cotton ball and wipe your lips clean.

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Sometimes, despite all these preventive measures, your lips still need help.

If you have tried the above home remedies and tricks and it still is not working, it is time to visit a doctor. Make sure you don’t make it too late!

Keep these simple and amazing tips in mind to get those naturally healthy and soft lips. Take care and flaunt your perfect pout in style!

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